Electric Forklifts

Nationwide Sales Service and Rentals, believe in quality. So we’ve gone to one of biggest engine manufacturers in the world, and currently the number ONE Australian car maker, HYUNDAI.

Hyundai offers you an extensive range of Specialised Electric Forklifts that are best suited for Warehouse Applications.
Our Electric Range are fast building a reputation for their Reliability, Performance, Extensive Battery Life , Build Quality and let’s not forget to mention how the Cost Of Ownership will assist your business in becoming more profitable.
10/12/14/15/18/20/25 Br-7 AC (Stand up Reach Truck)

10/12/14/15/18/20/25 Br-7 AC
(Stand up Reach Truck)

Order Picker Series

10/13BOP-7 AC
(order Picker Series)

Ride on Seated Reach Truck

14/16/20/25BRJ-7 AC
(Ride On Seated Reach truck)

Pantograph Reacj Truck

(Standing Reach Truck)

3 Wheel Counterbalanced)

15/18/20BT-7 AC
(3 Wheel Counterbalanced)

4 Wheel Counterbalanced)

16/18/20B-7 AC
(4 Wheel Counterbalanced)

4 Wheel Counterbalanced

22/25/30/32B-7 AC
(4 Wheel Counterbalanced)

(4 Wheels Counterbalanced)

35/40/45/50B-7 AC
(4 Wheel Counterbalanced)


(Tow Tugs)