What Are The Real Benefits for Forklift Hire

by Robbie on February 10, 2015

Forklift HireThere is no doubt that forklift hire has plenty of benefits, but they do vary from industry to industry and business to business with in those industries. We wanted to summarize the main points to consider when thinking about hiring a forklift for your business.


Capital gain is realized when your existing equipment is purchase turning assets into cash.

Forklift hire charges are part of your operating costs and therefore are 100% tax deductible.

Lines of credit are enhanced as rental payments are not required to be shown as liabilities on financial statements.

Costs can be controlled with hire fees established up front which incorporate repair and maintenance costs facilitating accurate budgeting.


Availability of equipment is guaranteed with replacement equipment supplied at no additional costs, in instances of equipment failure.

Flexibility can be built into any forklift hire management place to ensure seasonal requirements can be met cost effectively allowing your equipment to increase and decrease to meet your needs.

Regular consultancy and planning in terms of programmed maintenance timing and additional requirements will provide optimum equipment availability.


Elimination of all administrative duties associated with record keeping, maintenance and compliance with government department in terms of forklift trucks.


Your responsibilities are limited to manning the equipment and meeting basic operating costs.

There is no doubt that forklift hire can be a very powerful tool for your business, that can give you great return and be a huge operational benefit to your business. With the above benefits laid out for you, it’s easy to see why you should consider hiring a forklift in your business.

What about the reasons not to forklift hire. Believe it or not we want to share some reasons why you shouldn’t hire a forklift.


If you are only doing 1 hour per day, maybe your only unloading a truck every over week. Then you can be paying out a lot of money in hire charges, that you don’t need to. Consider spending a small amount of capital instead. Depending on what type of forklift you need, you can still find good value around the $5 000 – $7000  mark.


Sometimes businesses have their own maintenance staff on hand, it’s easier to have a forklift repaired in-house then it is to outsource. This of course needs to be considered within the operational guidelines of the individual business.

The same thing applies with the utilization point, if there is minimal hours of use, then it won’t need as much service and breakdown repairs, you will undoubtedly save your business money by having your forklift repaired and serviced in an when and as needed basis.

We can offer a 12 month fixed preventative maintenance contract, for our clients that own their own forklift, the great thing about this is we can service and repair every brand on the market.
Forklift hire does have many benefits, but it is far from a one solution fits all option for every business, Talk to us further about your individual business needs, we would be more than happy to provide you with different options to consider.

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